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Some words about the artist

Cherie retired from UC Berkeley after a career as a research chemist. She received awards from NASA for her work on Lunar and Martian soils and patents in the field of chemical engineering and material science. You can see the fusion of chemistry, mineralogy, and experimental techniques which she incorporates in her most recent contemporary work. She inherited a deep love of color and light from her mother (who was a professor of art), and also from time spent working in Antarctica, where overt color is rare and light is pure spectral beauty.

While obtaining a B.S. and M.S. in the sciences, she also took coursework in art, where she established a foundation in design, drawing, composition, sculpture, painting, and art history. She is also an artist on call for the Colorado History Museum for her work recreating historical Native American photos as full color classic oil paintings.

Most recently, Cherie was a member of the Landing Artists Studio Gallery in Port Angeles, Washington and on the Board of Directors of the Olympic Peninsula Art Association. After a move to Boulder, CO, she joined the Kashi Kari Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, where she displays contemporary abstract work in brilliantly colored inks.

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Prints can be ordered by emailing [email protected]

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Kashi Kari Gallery

910 Santa Fe Drive, Studio 4

Denver, CO 80204

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You can come visit Cherie and see her work in person at the Kashi Kari Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, CO, or you can reach her at [email protected]